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Fabulous facial! I had wanted to try this electric facial I had read about and thought while I was in town I would give it a try. It was amazing!!!! Seriously!! The price was so reasonable that its worth it to fly back for!!! Carina is so professional and so caring her salon is spotless and so welcoming. I was glowing when I left and each day after my skin looked better and better!!! I purchased her skincare line which is beautiful and very affordable My skin feels like velvet!! Thank you Carina!! I can't wait to come back!!! I highly recommend this experience!!!

Led L. - Red Bank, NJ

I can't get over how nice the ENTIRE staff is. They treat you like royalty and the treatment is. so. effective. Run, don’t walk here.

Alexandra M. - Washington D.C., DC

By far the best facial I've ever had! I also took my 16 year daughter to correct her acne issue and they have done wonders for her skin. I recommend this place to everyone. Natalie is the best! Both her and her mom are always so nice and welcoming!

Gabriela H. - Victorville, CA

I'm going to be honest - I booked an appointment here because of Kyle Richards, but I did not regret it!

Price: It was a bit steep in price for me at $185, but definitely worth it after seeing my skin a little after a week.

Making an Appointment: Make sure you call in for an appointment as they are booked. Important note - they have a 48 hour cancellation policy, if you don't cancel prior to those 48 hours, you will get charged a fee. (Makes sense, considering they have waitlists for appointments sometimes). The studio is located behind a house, so just walk all the way to the back once you arrive (no need to ring the gate).

The Experience: Natalie gave me my facial, and she explained the entire process to me so I knew what was going on. The room has dimmed lighting and has a nicely scented candle. I also liked that they had a cushion for you to elevate your legs for better circulation. Keep in mind that this is a results based facial - so it's not entirely focused on relaxation and quiet (you may hear some chitter chatter if people are waiting in the sitting area). However, I didn't mind at all.

Results: I usually get scared of microdermabrasion, so i've always done an "enzyme peel type facial," but the results are amazing! My skin is noticeably smoother, and some of my stubborn blackheads have finally come out. I can’t wait to go back for my second treatment.

Connie Y. - Porter Ranch, CA

Carina's Electric Facial is the very best in all of Los Angeles or anywhere! I've been going to her since the mid 90's and I still always get many complements on my skin. I have oily, acne prone (cystic acne) skin, but going to Carina regularly completely gets rid of it. She is thorough and does a deep cleaning with extractions. Her daughter Natalie is just as amazing as well. I've known these beautiful ladies for years and I would never go to anyone else for a facial or recommend anyone else. Also, her spa is so beautiful that you feel like you are in Paris or Beverly Hills but they are so warm and inviting that it's like being in one of the finest hotel spas in the world. They are like family now, but I've been going to her for 20 years so obviously she is the very, very best. I love them both!

Lucy B. - Beverly Hills, CA

My friend told me about this facial and I had to experience it for myself. Booked the appointment and pretty excited since I wanted to know if it was suitable for the darker complexion. I am so happy with the result and scheduling my next appointment as we speak.

Best facial in LA & very sweet family!!

D N. - Los Angeles, CA

I've been going to Carina's for over 2 years now and I can't believe it's taken me this long to write them a review. Natalie and Carina are the absolute BEST! They are so warm and welcoming; every time I come in, it feels like I'm visiting my family! Natalie is super thorough from start to finish - from the extractions to the microdermabrasion. Time flies by when I'm there because we have so much fun chatting and catching up... and I always leave glowing! You pay for what you get at Carina’s - I highly recommend them!!!

Melissa E. - Santa Monica, CA

I went back for my second treatment on Saturday and couldn't be more pleased. I saw Carina this time and enjoyed my treatment. After having the chance to compare both Natalie and Carina's work, I have to say they are both amazing estheticians with a passion for their products and services.

I was early for my treatment by about 15 minutes and Carina saw me right away. My treatment was relaxing and Carina did a lot of extractions for me which I needed and was grateful for.

I've been searching for a new esthetician in SF and haven't been able to find someone as thorough as both Natalie and Carina. I would gladly return to see them both and plan to go in every couple of months as I am able to return to the LA area.
Two days later and I'm already seeing fabulous results with my skin! These ladies are a hidden gem, very highly recommended.

Sam J. - Burlingame, CA

Carina and Natalie are the best in the business. You walk out of there feeling GREAT and looking GREAT.. The studio is so beautiful you just don’t want to leave there.

Deborah O. - Tarzana, CA

You can't get a better facial anywhere in Los Angeles. I am always greeted with a warm welcoming.I love coming here and plan to be a customer for many years.

Kevin B. - Studio City, CA

I saw Natalie last month for my first facial at this spa. It was my first time getting this type of facial. I was happy with the overall experience and results. Their spa is super cute and chic and located in the back of a house. She did a great job with my extractions and microdermabrasion. The main part of the facial is when she places the micro current mask on. I have no idea how well this worked for my skin but I'm hoping if I get monthly facials with her I will see the results. The only drawback to this part of the facial is that you immediately taste metal in your mouth. As soon as the mask is removed the taste is practically gone so it's not too bad.
I look forward to returning for my next facial and to continue to see even better results each time!

Nasim R. - Westwood, CA

Have been coming here for almost I think a year now. It's a special place. I don't EVER feel uncomfortable or out of place, which happens almost always in other doctor offices or spas. This place is at their home. Their equipment is top of the line. They know their stuff. They will give your skin the attention it deserves. If you want someone to put expensive masks on you with feathered brushes, DON'T come here. If you want extractions, your skin to glow because of their microderm machine, you want your skin to plump because of their oxygen facials, and if you want your skin to look even and glorious...put that hannibal lecter mask on...then this is YOUR place. This place is the real deal. Botched has been filmed here & The Real Housewives, and for good reason. It's everyones secret in town. Come here!!!!!!!

M S. - Santa Monica, CA

I'm a little disappointed in myself for taking this long to write a review about the amazing Carina!

It's been almost a year since I started seeing her for my monthly facials, and this woman has completely transformed my skin!!! I found out about Carina through watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills lol, but though she has been all over television, she is the least bit snobby or pretentious. Carina is so caring for me and my skin, and her work shows it. Whenever I come, I feel as if I am visiting a friend as opposed to my esthetician. Carina is the absolute best in town, and if you want glowing skin, look no further.

Ashley M. - Los Angeles, CA

Carina and Natalie are so sweet and welcoming!! I'm a born skeptic so wasn't too sure about this whole facial thing at first, but boy did they prove me wrong ... I have seen Natalie 3 times now and my skin is absolutely amazing afterwards, just glowing and fresh ... my husband always tells me how smooth and vibrant my face looks after a session ... Natalie works wonders for my skin, really fantastic !! the sessions are worth every penny ... the room is cozy and so relaxing i almost fall asleep w the mask on ... no frills or snobby attitudes here, just great facials ... they make you feel right at home ... I just love these ladies!!! so happy I found this place and will never go anywhere else ... and by the way, the 1 star review they got is very hard for to believe ... I have always gotten a reminder call and have never been left outside just waiting w no answer at the bell, no issues at all!! can’t wait to go back soon :) you will not be disappointed by visiting these ladies ... your face will love you for it!!

Christina J. - Valley Village, CA

Happy to provide carina with the first elite review ;)

After 3 visits here now, today was my third I can def say this place is one of a kind. No one around LA does a facial like carina does. She is the sweetest person ever too. I remember the first time I came she explained everything step by step and what she's using. Even if you have any questions or want to see anything they'll show you. I wanted to see the microdermabrasion out of curiosity and they had no problem showing me, and I was intrigued.

This is how the facial goes- you lay in a dark room with your legs up on a bed sort of thing. They want you to be comfortable and offer blankets. They first put some wash on your face and wipe off. Then hot towels to open up your pores after leaving it on with the mask. Then comes the extractions. After the extractions comes the microdermabrasion. Then wiped all off, the wet towelettes full of minerals and good stuff are placed on every inch of your face for the electro current process. Finish it off with some cream and you're good to go!!! It is a process and I've found very good for your skin because you need a deep clean every so often. Anyways carina is very thorough and I love her work. I did go to Natalie for my second appt and she was good but I felt a little too gentle with my extractions and not as thorough. The process of the facial takes about 1 hour and it is pricey but worth it for me! She has a little area in the back of her house where she does it and it’s very clean, warm and inviting!

Sarina V. - Los Angeles, CA

Carina and Natalie are so awesome! I see them every other month and get nothing but compliments. Their products are great too! I love using the oxygen cream and tightening serum. Definitely worth the cost and drive (I drive from the OC). Highly recommend them, their products, and their service. Thank you ladies for taking care of me!

Candice A. - Huntington Beach, CA

Even though, my 36 year old skin is very happy in her hands, I wish I had come across Carina's work in in my 20's. I see Carina every 3 months for an Electric Treatment. My skin has never been in better shape. Carina and her staff are super welcoming and friendly. And most of all, forgetting it’s time for a visit, is never a problem because they will do all the remembering for you with fallow up emails and calls.

Darling N. - Los Angeles, CA

WOW! Amazing!

Right when I walked in the staff was extremely friendly. They really make you feel like you are right at home. The main reason I chose to go here was because I am a guy and not into the whole pampering I just want a great facial that will clean my skin well. They explain the whole process to you, make sure you are comfortable, and even make you laugh :)

I usually get facials once a month at my dermatologist and never have I been complemented on my skin. 2 hours later after leaving Carinas one of my family members complimented my skin ( They did not know I went to get a facial).

I would recommend this to anyone that wants to get the most out of their money for a facial. I plan on going regularly.

Cody C. - Chatsworth, CA

Carina Skincare is a great place to get a facial. You get a facial with no frills here. There is no massage,mask or peels. Its strictly Cleanse,dry mask,extractions, microderm and then the micro current mask. Its about 50-70mins for an appt.

The only thing thats a little odd is you have another person next to you when you are getting your facial. She works on two people at once. Kinda hard to relax when you hear another person talking when she is working on them.

Carina has her own line of skincare products and doesnt push them on you. They look like good products and Carina knows her stuff.

Alyssa L. - Boca Raton, FL

Over a year ago I had a sudden onset of adult cystic acne. I tried two different dermatologists and numerous medications but nothing helped. I went to Carina and the difference was immediate! I now NEVER miss my monthly appointment with her. Not only do I now call her my facialist, but I feel fortunate to call her friend also. She rocks!

Loree M. - Encino, CA

Carina is the best! I look forward to my monthly facial with her. She and her daughter Natalie are the sweetest people ever! And they have the BEST skin! I was never one to splurge on facials before, but have worked it into my budget and it is well worth it. Carina does microdermabrasion and extractions and then puts on the electric mask. I'm little claustrophobic, but she always makes me comfortable and loosens it just enough so that I know I can take it off. The room is very relaxing...I always feel rejuvenated afterward. After one session I noticed a difference in my skin. After 6 I'm convinced it's keeping me young. Also I use her daytime moisturizer with SPF 30 everyday. I have combo skin and I love it.

Jinifer R. - Los Angeles, CA

I was suprisingly amazed with the wondeful and enjoyable facial treatment Carina gave me. Now I know why she is always fully booked, but well worth the wait & the far drive for me. She was such a sweet lady and very talented at what she does. She makes most of her products at home with all natural ingredients. She explained to me every step of what she was doing and what it was for. It was a very relaxing experience. She makes you feel comforable by offering you a blanket and letting you put your legs up on a cushion. I felt re-juvinated when I was done! I highly recommend Carina to anyone looking for anyone looking for an incredible facial!

Jessica M. - Los Angeles, CA

Finding a good esthetician is like finding a good doctor, dentist or even hair stylist. Once you get a good one you never let them go. A friend of mine had been coming to Carina for a few years. I stopped getting facials because of all the bad experiences I have had and then my friend introduced me to Carina. I have problem skin and have tried every type of topical cream both prescribed and over the counter. I have also tried oral medication but nothing seemed to clear up my skin and dark spots. From my very first appointment with her I saw results. Most facials leave you scarred for days but after you leave Carina's your skin is actually glowing and looks younger and firmer. From my very first appointment with her I saw results. I have been going to her for a little under a year now and I haven't used any medication and the spots have cleared up and I barely get any breakouts. She uses the best ingredients on your skin. Her specialized technique has been featured in numerous publications and on TV. She is basically booked Monday-Saturday so once you get an appointment hold on to it. Once you become a regular you can schedule everything ahead of time. She is super sweet, kind, patient and explains everything she does step by step. The studio is super clean and sanitary and always smells so fresh. The music relaxes you and when you walk out your skin is literally glowing.

Salma B. - Santa Monica, CA

When it comes to six star skin care, Carina's Facial Studio is the preeiminent place to go for creating, restoring and maintaining perfect skin health. After carefully analyzing a client's individual skin needs, Carina provides the most unique facial on the market. When you leave Carina's skilled hands, your face is smooth, hydrated, tight and firm and, most importantly, clean like no other facial can guarantee. Carina offers her own personalized line of anti-aging skin care products that assist in cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating and protecting your skin until your next treatment. The nicest attribute of Carina's Facial Studio and Skin Care is Carina herself along with her wonderful assistant, Natalie. One visit to Carina's Facial Studio will be your first of many visits to follow. The entire experience is like no other facial spa. Clearly, this is an A++ experience, and I strongly recommend a visit.

Marcee M. - Beverly Hills, CA

When it comes to skin care maintenance I take mine very seriously. I wash, exfoliate and buy vitamin C, SPF, and potent moisturizers to keep my 31 year old face looking vibrant. I wanted to find an esthetician who was as serious about skin care as I was. After many trial and errors with different estheticians, I finally found one that I'm absolutely happy with. After seeing Carina on the Bravo show RHOBH, I made an appointment. She is warm, caring and has that loving warm energy you feel when talking to a person who really takes time to get to know you. She gave me the best facial I have ever had, and the results are immediate. If your serious about skin care, want to preserve or repair your skin give Carina a call.

Evangelina V. - Los Angeles, CA

Thank you Carina!!!!! Was looking for a new place to get the type of facial that she does and I found her!!! She is friendly and professiona andl yet her office makes you feel like you are in her home. I made my next appt already because I didn’t want to miss my chance to experience her magic!!!

Natalie E. - Los Angeles, CA

I can confirm that Carina's Facial Studio offers the best facials I have ever had in a welcoming, stress-free environment. My skin glows after Carina's unique treatments. Thankfully Carina's facials are not the gimmicky and over priced "steaming and creaming" type of facial where you walk out looking the same. After a 70 minute treatment with Carina, my skin is smooth, pores thoroughly cleaned, blackheads or unsightly blemishes carefully extracted. Friends frequently comment how great my skin looks, and this is a result of Carina's extraordinary care. Carina has a passion for what she does, and she takes a personal interest in helping her clients look their best. On-line and in her studio Carina offers her own, carefully formulated skin care products. I am thrilled with Carina's facials which are like no other. Excellent dermabrasion services are also available. Best of all, Carina is a delightful esthetician who makes her clients feel comfortable and welcome at her studio. One walks out the door of Carina's studio feeling restored, relaxed and beautiful! This is a 5 star experience that I heartily recommend.

Marcee M. - Beverly Hills, CA

If you are looking for a fantastic and unique facial, Carina Skin Care is for you. My skin has never been in such excellent condition, and I have Carina to thank for that. Carina is not only an expert, she also offers superb skin products. To sum it up, Carina offers the best facials, reasonably priced, in a warm and comfortable setting. Best of all, is Carina, herself... they just don't come any better. Highly recommend!

Kathryn R. - Los Angeles, CA

Carina's skin care studio has been a celebrity secret for almost twenty years. The mother and daughter team believe that the secret to staving off aging goes much deeper than the skin. Carina and Natalie Tanijian's utilize their expertise in skin care, giving one on one attention, and their product line to ensure the best results for their clients. They pride themselves with a huge following of clientele that include royalties, and A listers. They have been successful in launching their skin care collection which are very carefully formulated.

Treat yourself or someone you know to one of Carina’s expert and unique facials. You will immediately feel and see the difference.

All services available by appointment only. | Call to schedule an appointment and experience the transformation for yourself. | Gift certificates are available.